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     VISION // defined

To Know & Pursue God by honoring the Great Commandment. Responding to the Father’s Love through dynamic Holy Spirit inspired worship, praise, fasting and prayer. Giving our time, talents, and gifts as an offering to the Lord
Live Strong & Prepare Leaders by obeying the Great Charge to equip people, and minister healing & wholeness for our spirit, soul, and body. Embracing the leadership of apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists and teachers, providing godly vision, welcoming the gifts of the Spirit, fellowshipping with believers corporately on the Lord’s day and from house to house, resulting in a mature believer, healthy family and a restored triumphant church.
Do Exploits & Pilot God's Purpose by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit fulfilling the Great Commission through the local church expression that is multi-ethnic and multicultural in its membership. To reach our community and city by serving, being generous, evangelizing them with the cross-centered Gospel. To reach our nation and the world through prayer-intercession, training leaders, and sending ambassadors in the world of business, government, family, media, education, & entertainment.




“Make the House and everything in it from the designs which I will give you”
Exodus 25:9 BBE

“Core values” are similar to the divider lines on the road…they help keep us on track and remind us when we get out of bounds. “Core values” can be analogized to a river bank…they don’t impede the flow of ministry, but they do guide it in a certain direction. They influence our decisions & everyday ministry plans. They navigate staffing and budget issues. In short they keep us focused on the unique call God has give us as an International church in Columbia, South Carolina, USA

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