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For centuries being a worshiper of God has meant offering the right sacrifices – following the right set of rules – obeying a certain set of guidelines and worshipping on the right day week or in the right place.


An event in the life of Jesus in John chapter 4 deals with worship.  A Samaritan woman has come to a well to draw water, and Jesus is present at the well waiting for her. Jesus strikes up a conversation with her. Jesus is trying to tell her about living water, He talks to her about her relationships. Do you remember what she does? She tries to change the subject. She says, “What about this worship thing? Where do you think we should worship? My people worship over here, but your people say we have to worship in Jerusalem. What do you think?”


Jesus answer is simple, He tells us two important things. Firstly, the Father is seeking Worshippers. Secondly, we must Worship in Spirit and In Truth.  


If the Father is seeking Worshippers, then our response is that we want to be that type of people the father is seeking.  We want to be worshippers. This passage does not say that the Father is seeking after good music, good praise, good worship, or good anything. It is us that the Father is after! The Father is seeking worshipers, not worship. The Father is after the quality of our hearts. This is more important to Him than the quality of our music. Please don’t misunderstand me, true worshipers will worship, but the Father seeks worshipers, not worship. True musicians will make good music, but music has no place in our hearts compared to our Father, and music has no place in the Father’s heart compared to us!


Our Worship experience at IFC is one of the ways we express worship to God through our music and songs. We believe in expressing our love for Jesus Christ, and being a Light in a dark world. Our worship team and dance and flag ministry are some of the many ways we express our love for God. At every service, our worship teams usher in the presence of God. We see our relationship with Jesus Christ as alive and active, and our worship times should be the same way. 


If you desire to serve in our worship music ministry either as a musician or a singer, we would love to have to on our team.  Our vision is to develop highly influential God-worshippers. We are excited to partner with you in ministry and we can’t wait to get to know you.


In all areas of our ministry, we focus on developing our five following foundational values:


Core – our understanding of worship as per the pattern of scriptures


Character – our conduct as worshippers of Jesus


Craft – how we hone our skills to operate in our gifting’s with excellence


Communication – how we engage the congregation in ministry


Culture – being a part of a family of people with similar interests and callings

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The Worship Team

Debbie Baker

Worship Ministry Director

Shashank Bhonsle

Worship Leader

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