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IFC Marketplace Exchange

God is trying to get THE CHURCH out of the building and into the community to change the fabric of society. Ministry is not just about a sermon on Sunday morning anymore! God is in the marketplace 24/7 restoring, saving, redeeming, and anointing us to rediscover the call of God on our lives. Your ministry platform may not be a pulpit, but rather your business, real estate company, sports arena, college classroom, vocation, 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, mission, or any other place God needs you.Most of the people fall in three categories

Career Track -  Over 70% of people in the community fall into this category. They are people like Teachers in school, to computer programmers in the IT industry, to nurses in hospital, to workers in the oil fields, to local law enforcement.


Corporate Track - Over 20% of the people are in this workforce where they are executive, managers, professional, directors, or CEOs.


Entrepreneurs & Business Owners -  10% of the men and women in the community are business owners ranging from small storeowners, hospitality and service industries, Internet business to large corporations. 

IFC Marketplace Exchange Ministry

reflects the vision of Intn’l Family Church.

The goal is to build faith and vision in our members to fulfill their purpose and destiny in their workplace and business through their God given talents, gifts, and anointing. We Instruct and encourage through Biblical based teachings that embrace and value true Biblical success, integrity in management, financial prosperity, relationship building, Godly character, Generosity and upholding their family values. We have monthly times of fellowship and prayer along with prophetic ministry, and also times of training through one-day seminars.

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