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Welcome! we welcome people of all ages, races, nationalities, ethnic groups, and whatever your place in life. Our congregation is made up of wide diversity of people, who enjoy learning, worshipping, serving together as we honor Jesus with our lives. 

When Planning What I Should Wear

Wear Something That Says You! When attending Intn’l Family Church you will see a variety of dress styles from the three button suit to the casual jeans. We truly want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your worship experience so wear something that says it’s YOU!



As the services begin we have greeters at the entrance to the sanctuary to welcome you and ushers to help you find a seat. There is plenty of seating available. Sit wherever you like, there aren't any reserved seats (though occasionally the ushers will reserve a row or two when necessary for special events).


During the Praise and Worship segment which starts the service, songs are displayed clearly onto a projection screen making easy for you to follow along. First-time guests are never singled out or embarrassed. If you choose, you may fill out a visitor information card that the ushers will distribute during the Welcome segment to let us know you came.


We have a Children's Ministry Program that we call,


Kids with a Destiny for children ages 5-12 every Sunday right after our worship time. Ask the ushers if you need help or directions.


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Our services start at 10am. Once you walk through our doors it is our goal to help you feel at home and a part of our family. We want you to simply enjoy your time with us and make a genuine connection with God.


You will be welcomed by one of our smiling greeters who are committed to making church exciting, LIFE-giving and enjoyable.  They will welcome you with a handshake or a hug, whatever you are comfortable with. We ask that you fill out a connection card in which we ask how we can contact you and keep in touch with you. If you have any questions you may ask them or mention to the greeters that you would like to be contact so we can talk about it!



You’ll fit right in here. It is never our intention that you would feel out of place in any way whatsoever. We are careful to be warm and friendly without being nosy or intrusive. Many of us also come from a background that did not include much experience in a church. We use those experiences to make everyone feel safe and connected to all that we do.


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Our Worship Celebration Service begins at 10am with a time of prayer where the whole congregation prays for our leaders, our city, and our nation. 


Then we engage in a time of Worship through music. Lyrics to all of the songs are projected on large screens in the auditorium for everyone to join in. We create a safe atmosphere in which everyone can feel free to sing, clap our hands, close our eyes, lift our hands, or just allow our imagination to connect to God in a very real and personal way.


After worship we have a time, where we pray for healing for people or come in agreement for any requests people have that they need pray for.


Our service culminates with a time of learning through a sermon from our Pastor. This is an opportunity for us to study the Bible together and make application of its truths to the way we live. We allow an opportunity for anyone to begin a brand new relationship with God. We also make ourselves available to pray one-on-one with anyone who needs some support and encouragement.

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