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About Pastor


 Nicky S. Raiborde

Lead Pastor 

           Nicky S. Raiborde is known for his relevance and simplicity in communicating the Word of God.  His commitment to teach the uncompromised Word of God with visible demonstrations of the power of God helps to empower and release people to the work of the ministry, and also to be transformed by the presence of Jesus.


           Nicky was raised in a pastoral home where his parent’s spiritual instruction and impartation helped him to answer the call of God at the age of 17.  In the brief decade since then, Nicky has traveled to over 75 countries and has preached at crusades of thousands and taught in numerous churches in those nations.  He has authored several books and lectures regularly at the School of Leadership in Singapore, and continues to pursue the call of God to go to the nations with an apostolic mandate.


            Currently, Nicky is thrilled to devote his life to serving Jesus as the lead Pastor of International Family Church in Lexington, South Carolina – a church that is influential, multi-cultural, and making an impact in the midlands of South Carolina, USA. For more information you can visit,

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From Pastor Nicky Raiborde

Christ My Healer - Nicky Raiborde articulately asserts that God's will is for you to be healthy--spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. In Christ, My Healer! he looks closely at what the Bible says about Jesus' healing ministry and invites you to trust the authority of Christ's promises rather than focus on your doubts and feelings. Powerfully and practically, receive encouragement not only to start praying for yourself but for others, too--to see them healed!

God Speaks Through People - Every believer has the capacity to hear the voice of God. God Speaks Through People delivers a practical, comprehensive, and balanced look at the New Testament ministry of prophecy. It offers practical instruction to those who are called to speak as God's ambassadorial voice with love, authority, and wisdom.

Do the Imposible - Jesus said those who believe would not only do the works that He did, but would do greater works! That's His promise to you in John 14:12. It's your promise from the Son of God to operate in His power, turning impossibilities into possibilities. Learn how to use the nine supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit in your everday life to accomplish God's assignment and do the impossible!

Destined to Prevail - War! Rumors of War! It's the announcement that has become the norm in today's date. Things are going from bad to worse. Fear, Hopelessness, insecurity, and terror are the talk of the town. The atmosphere around makes us aware of the Spiritual Battles at hand. Destined to Prevail is designed to instruct, impart, and invade as a commando in the army of God. Get ready as you receive instructions of Wisdom and Knowledge in God's Word and understanding through the Holy Spirit in the weapons, tactics, and strategies of Spiritual Warfare. Get ready for an impartation of Grace and Anointing to live victoriously. You are not to live in defeat. You are not only to be defensive, but offensive to go and Invade the domains of darkness along your path to fulfilling God's purpose for your life.

"Understand your role and function and purpose in the prophetic ministry to hear and declare

the life - giving voice of Jesus"

Nicky Raiborde

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